Golden Bootleg

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This has to be the drama queen of mushrooms. A large, golden yellow fungi with a partial veil that falls away to become a large ring atop a sheath running down the stem. Quite a sight! It was collected and eaten in some countries but high levels of cyanide and cadmium now put it on the poisonous list. 

Mushroom Type
Common Names Golden Bootleg (EN), Golden Cap (US), Capan Aur (CY), Aksamitkówka Złota (PL), Szemcsés Aranygomba (HU)
Scientific Name Phaeolepiota aurea
Synonyms Cystoderma aureum, Pholiota aurea
Season Start Jun
Season End Oct
Average Mushroom height (CM) 10-20cm
Average Cap width (CM) 5-15cm
Please note that each and every mushroom you come across may vary in appearance to these photos.


7-15cm in diameter, convex, ring remaining attached to cap until stem fully mature, looking like the cap is in a bag. Once ring separates edge of cap maybe finely ragged or have larger pieces of the ring attached. Golden yellow to yellow brown possibly darker or lighter in the centre. Fine radial fibres on the cap.


Crowded, adnexed (dipping close to the stem but still attached to the stem), pale brown/gingery.

Cortina / Veil

The extensive ring forms a partial veil over the cap.


7-20cm long, 1-3cm thick. Tapering towards cap i.e., club shaped. Slightly bulbous base. Covered in a grooved granular sheath, but smooth above the ring and paler close to the cap.


The skirt is wide thick and felty. Grooved and granular underneath, darker brown on top.


White, faint yellowing with time, firm.


Generalist associated with woodland edges on rich soils often with nettles.

Spore Print

Pale brown.


Uncommon to rare nationally, sometimes locally common. It was a red list species requiring special measures.


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