To Those Who Helped With The Site

Our special thanks go out to all those involved in helping us create this website.

To our web development team.

To Tanya Pemberton for all her Excel Spreadsheet Help

For Photography to:
Dan (Magoo) Barlow
Andy Webb
Jane Chalk
Cindy Morgan a.k.a. Cid
Paul Brooker
Jason Hollinger
Will Rottiers
Gianpiero Secco
Ditte Bandini from This site details the genus inocybe alone: its different varieties and forms. The images are mostly Ditte’s own finds, many of which she has made DNA-analyses of.
Laura Baird
Gatis Gribusts
Raymond Mcneil
Geoff Dann
Andrew Johnson

And From the Facebook Photo Project:
Victor Moody
Jules Davis-King
Karen Reed
Tori Overli
Wendy Shrubsall

For all the help and information on medicinal horticulture to Chris from

For Recipes to:
Mark Williams
Karl Bashford
and of course our mothers

To Phil Breach for his amazing poem

For Content and Editing to:
Julia Biggane
Oliver (Billy the Daddy) Burton
And Krissie Kent

We must also thank Roger Phillips for his brilliant books, especially if he ever gets back to us about the photos we need!