About us

We like wild food. We forage it, cook it, dry it, prepare it, store it and eat it! Foraging for us started with a genuine love of the great outdoors and a passion for food, combining both turns our walks in the woods and by the seaside into genuine treasure hunts.

What is Wild Food UK?

Wild Food UK was formed 14 years ago by Marlow and Eric driven by a desire to expand peoples experience of nature into a practical source of enjoyment. Since then the company has grown in course leaders and course locations, covering most of the UK. Our aim is to educate people about tasty edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits, roots and flowers that we think everyone should be able to identify, pick and eat with confidence.

We’re extremely lucky in Britain to have a climate that provides us plenty of food all year round, all you need to know is how to find it. We teach these “skills for life”; and we believe that with the skills we teach, every life will be enhanced. Not only is foraging fun and interesting; you never know when being able to pick your own food might come in genuinely useful or even life saving!

Wild Food UK Team

Marlow Renton
Director / Foraging Instructor

Marlow is someone who enjoys talking, maybe a bit too much for his wife and some of his friends, but it’s good if you like to hear about mushrooms! Marlow loves…

Eric Biggane
Director / Foraging Instructor

Calls himself the George Clooney of foraging but the reality is; cross Ray Mears, and a fair portion of Swampy and you’ve just about built an Eric. Having lived numerous lives…

Lindsey Wyatt
Office Administrator

The other half of our office team, Lindsey isn’t quite so happy in the office as Poppy. So we have considered chaining her to the desk, but we’ve also heard somewhere that we…

Rachel Renton
Designer / Office Assistant

Our resident fiery red head keeps Marlow in order… Most of the time. Rachel brings top quality design skills and a passion for rose flavoured infusions to the team.

Phil Leng
Foraging Instructor

Few people can lay claim to have been foraging whilst suspended by carabener & ropes 300ft above the ground. Wild Food Uk’s resident mountain climber… 

Robin Judson
Foraging Instructor

Dr. Judson discovered his love of foraging while planking beside some mushrooms on a sponsored walk from Lands End to John O’ Groats!

Emma Banks
Office Administrator

Emma has a degree in Psychology, so we’re not sure if working in the Wild Food UK office is just research for her masters!.. Either way we’re happy to have her.

Attila Fodi

As well as being a Mycologist, Attila speaks 11 languages including Mandarin and is extremely proficient at far eastern cooking; but by far his most impressive talent…

Kerry Woodfield
Foraging Instructor

Kerry is our latest fully qualified instructor, though her training was somewhat unusual.. Instead of teaching her what to say we had to teach her how to say less!! 

Jordan Mckeating
Foraging Instructor

With a keen eye for gold (having formerly worked in a jewellers) we expect him to be extremely good at finding chanterelles 🙂 Jordan was our youngest…

Steph Smith
Office Administrator

Steph’s persistence is legendary. So we’re going to let her deal with the Forestry Commission for us this year :). 

Karl Broberg
Foraging Instructor

Karl is a qualified chemist so we’re pretty sure he wont poison anyone 🙂 and if he does he’ll know what to do about it..! 

Ben Spice
Foraging Instructor / Chef

With a name like that Ben was born to be a foodie, and though he does look a bit mal-nourished, a foodie is exactly what he is! :). 

David Hamilton
Foraging Instructor

Dave has been designated David to help us differentiate between him and our other hirsute new recruit Dave Brookhouse. 

Dave Brookhouse
Foraging Instructor

Our other hirsute Dave is our latest instructor, you’ll find him running our courses across the South, from Sussex to Kent.