Online Zoom Foraging Course


Available Dates Available Spaces Time Location
Wednesday 14th Aug 2024 Spaces: 6 19:00pm to 21:00pm (Approx End) Online: Mushroom Click here for details and to book


Recession busting deal

Designed for beginners, our online interactive Zoom courses will cover: Spring Foraging; Coastal Foraging; and Mushroom Foraging.

Spring Foraging: 10th April

Coastal Foraging: 12th June

Mushroom Foraging: 14th August

from 7pm until 9pm

Courses are £20 per session – or you can book all three for the price of 2! 

Marlow and our guest foraging instructors will spend 2 hours talking you through the identifying features of 10 edibles & their poisonous counterparts. These sessions will include the seasonal wild foods that will supplement and improve your diet and help improve the current cost of living. We’ll also include budget family recipe suggestions and provide you course notes to help you remember what you have learnt.

Each session will start with the video of our foraging rules (if you’ve already watched this feel free to mute & join after). We ask that all microphones are muted, and they’ll be an opportunity for a Q&A with Marlow and other foragers at the end of each section.

Foraging is a fun and free pass time to enjoy with the family so it will give you something to do that doesn’t cost you anything. On top of that It’s good for your body as you’ll be getting outside walking, its good for your mind as you will be learning and its good for your general well being as being out in nature is known to reduce stress levels.

By the end of the session you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to safely start your foraging adventures, improve the health of your diet and make your food bills cheaper.


Please make sure you enter the correct email address when booking as that is what we will send the invite to. This course will be run on Zoom but you do not need any paid software to join

*our online courses are an introduction to foraging and cover 10 of the safest wild edibles to forage for. They are in no way a replacement for ‘hands on’ learning that we offer on our full foraging courses.