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Rooting Bolete

Inedible Inedible
Autumn Autumn
Summer Summer

Although not poisonous this mushroom is so bitter it will ruin any dish you put it in.

Mushroom Type
Common Names Rooting Bolete (EN), Cap Tyllog Gwreiddiog (CY), Gorzkoborowik Korzeniasty (PL), Kesernyés Tinóru (HU)
Scientific Name Boletus / Caloboletus radicans
Synonyms Boletus albidus
Season Start Aug
Season End Oct
Average Mushroom height (CM) 7-10
Average Cap width (CM) 7-12
Please note that each and every mushroom you come across may vary in appearance to these photos.


7-12 cm. Off white to grey/brown, darkening with age. Can get very big and uneven and will show cracking on the surface of the cap.


Has yellow, tight, sponge like pores which bruise blue.


7-10  long, 3-4 cm diameter . Lemon yellow at the top becoming pale red or brown and ‘dirtier’ towards the swollen, slightly rooting base. The stem has a light coloured reticulation which is easiest to see towards the apex.


Yellow when first cut but quickly changing to off white in the cap and then turning blue.


Usually with oak and beech but will grow with other deciduous trees.

Possible Confusion

Other Boletes, particularly Bitter Beech Bolete (Caloboletus calopus), pictured.

Spore Print

Olive/brown. Subfusiform.

Taste / Smell



4 comments for Rooting Bolete

  1. Ian Jenkins says:

    Very pretty fungus, seen in profusion in a Sheffield park.

  2. Birgit Griem says:

    They’re hanging around in mid Norfolk quite profusely too. Such a shame they’re not edible.

  3. Sean says:

    I have found a few of these but i have also found ones that are less destinct and could be Butter/Oak Boletes ( Butyriboletus appendiculatus).
    Both stain blue with red at the bottom of the stem and have yellow pores. I tasted a small amount of flesh and it was not bitter at all.
    Is there a definative way to tell the difference between these two species?

    1. Eric Biggane says:

      The Rooting Bolete has bitter flesh.

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