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Silverleaf Fungus

Inedible Inedible
Autumn Autumn
Spring Spring
Summer Summer
Winter Winter

A beautiful purple coloured crust fungus, unless if you have an orchard! It can be found all year round.

Mushroom Type
Common Names Silverleaf Fungus (EN), Ffwng Dail Arian (CY), Chrząstkoskórnik Purpurowy (PL), Lilás Réteggomba (HU)
Scientific Name Chondrostereum purpureum
Synonyms Stereum purpureum
Season Start All Year
Season End All Year
Average Mushroom height (CM)
Average Cap width (CM)
Please note that each and every mushroom you come across may vary in appearance to these photos.

Fruiting Body

Resupinate (doesn’t form a cap), forms several cm wide irregular patches. If growing on a vertical surface, or the underside of a branch, it might form a rudimentary cap, which can be up to 4 cm wide.
The upper (sterile) surface is more or less hairy (hirsute to tomentose), somewhat brownish in colour.
The fertile surface is uneven, wrinkled, but could be almost completely smooth too. Pinkish to dark purple at first, becoming dark brownish-violet with age. Especially at the early stages of growing, it often secretes dark purple coloured liquid, this is known as guttation. 


1–2 mm thick; soft and elastic when fresh, tough and brittle when dry. Two layered (duplex), the two layer separated by a black line.


On living and dead hardwoods, rarely on conifers. Well-known pathogen (secondary parasite) of members of Rosaceae family, especially different Prunus species, e.g., Plum, Cherry, etc., also of Apple (Malus), Pear (Pyrus), Whitebeam and Rowan (both are Sorbus), causes progressive and often fatal disease, called ‘silver leaf disease’. Saprotrophic on other hardwoods, causes white-rot.

Possible Confusion

It can be confused with other crusts, especially from genus Stereum, when the purple coloured fertile surface of old fruit bodies fade. 

Taste / Smell

Inedible. Taste and smell not distinctive.


Common and widespread in the UK.


Spore print is white. Spores sub-cylindric, smooth, colourless (hyaline) and inamyloid (which proves there is no starch in the spore wall).

Other Facts

Silverleaf fungus also used as an effective tool to combat against non-native, invasive broadleaf species in Canada and the US.
The epithet (2nd part of the scientific name which identifies the species within the genus), purpureum, means ‘purple’, and it refers the colour of the young fruit body’s fertile surface.


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