Finding Fungi

Collaboration with film maker Ross Harrison.

Marlow had the opportunity to work with the incredible film maker, Ross Harrison.

Ross is from Bristol and has been dabbling behind the camera since he was just 12 years old, and working professionally as a director for 10 years. Back in November, Ross travelled to us in rural Herefordshire to meet Marlow and learn a little about mushrooms. Ross beautifully captures Marlows passion and enthusiasm for all things fungi (I even learnt something 😉 )


Ross says that inspiration for his short films “can come from just about anywhere, if you give something enough attention. The thread that connects a lot of my work is our relationship with the rest of the natural world.” This is at the heart of his new series shared on the YouTube channel @Kinward, this channel is dedicated to short stories with some incredible people and their connections; their connections to each other, or the spaces and places around them. So far in the Kinward catalogue are stories of Gleaning, the process of collecting surplus food and crops from farms after commercial harvesting; Insect decline & what we can do about it; Public living spaces and staying connected; Flora, with Dr Margaret Bradshaw who shares our own views of stepping out into nature, and taking notice of what’s beneath your feet!  And our favourite 😉 Fungi, where Marlow talks about where his love of foraging started and how that evolved into a passion for mycology that he’s able to share with you via the Wild Food UK youtube identification videos as well as on our Foraging and Field Mycology Courses.

Ross has plenty in the pipeline with a larger ongoing project with a Master Stone Carver, as well as seed sovereignty, and the importance of co-evolution for Kinward films, So stay tuned!

Ross is open to ideas, so if you have any suggestions that align with Kinwards aim of telling the stories of our relatedness to nature get in touch on Ross via Kinward Instagram


Thanks again Ross!!!

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