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Wood Avens Syrup

VegetarianVeganDairy FreeGluten FreeContains MeatContains Nuts

Get a lovely warming clove flavoured syrup from a common garden weed.

Makes : 300ml
Prep : 14 days (inc. the period sitting in the jar after simmering)
Cook : 15 minutes
  • One bucket of medium to large wood avens
  • Sufficient water to cover the cleaned and separated roots in a pan
  • Twice the volume of sugar to water


  1. First get your wood avens, if in the garden then dig them up, they will soon be back. Look for medium to large ones so they have decent roots. If in the wild find somewhere they are plentiful. About a bucketful of plants will make 300ml of syrup.
  2. Next, clean your plants. The method we use is jet wash the whole plants with a hosepipe, directing the jet somewhere you want the water so as not to waste it, like a flower or veg bed. Then tear off the roots and wash them en masse in the sink, rub them with your fingers, scrub them with a brush until your washing water remains clean. 
  3. Put them in a pan and add enough warm water to cover them. Take the water out and measure it, and add twice the volume of sugar. Stir it so the sugar dissolves and return it to the pan. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Sterilise a clip top or screw top jar of sufficient size (remove seals or lid and put in an oven at between 80 and 100c for 10 minutes), pour boiling water over the seals or screw top lid.
  5.  Let the syrup and roots cool till hot rather than boiling, then put in the jar and seal (try to ensure that the liquid stays off the sealing parts of the lid as the sugar will act as a glue making it very hard to open again).
  6. Leave for two weeks, then strain off the liquid and transfer to a clean sealable jar. This should last six months – but we think it will be gone way quicker than that!


Use in drinks, on ice cream or pancakes, mulled wine, or anywhere you want the lovely warming clove flavour


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