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White Dapperling

Edible Edible
Autumn Autumn
Summer Summer

This mushroom is for experienced foragers only due to its similarity to the deadly poisonous Destroying Angel.

Mushroom Type
Common Names White Dapperling (EN), Pertyn Gwyn (CY), Pieczareczka Różowoblaszkowa (PL), Fehér Tarlógomba (HU)
Scientific Name Leucoagaricus leucothites
Synonyms Lepiota leucothites, Lepiota naucina
Season Start Aug
Season End Nov
Average Mushroom height (CM) 8
Average Cap width (CM) 8
Please note that each and every mushroom you come across may vary in appearance to these photos.


White to off-white with a very fine velvet like covering. Starting convex but becoming flattened. Can bruise slightly yellow.


White to slightly pink with age. Fairly crowded and free of the stem.


White with a bulbous base tapering a bit towards the cap. Has a thin skirt. The stem can bruise yellow to pale brown where handled.


The partial veil leaves a narrow, thin skirt.

Bulbous Base

Has a mildly bulbous base that can resemble the volva of an Amanita.


White to off-white.


Meadows, gardens, parks or open woodland.

Possible Confusion

There are quite a few similar looking mushrooms being white all over but the one to look out for is the deadly poisonous Destroying Angel, pictured. The Destroying Angel has a pendulous but delicate ring on the stem and has an obvious volva, unlike the slightly bulbous base of the White Dapperling.
Can look like other white Lepiotas.
Resembles some of the Agarics but these have pink to brown gills.

Spore Print

White to very pale pink. Ellipsoid to amygdaliform.

Taste / Smell

Smell is mushroomy, the taste is mild.


Fairly common.


2 comments for White Dapperling

  1. anne-elise says:

    I have found a good 5 white dapperlings (95 % sure at this stage) and wondered if you consider them as worthy edibles ? (assuming my ID is correct evidently )

    1. Eric Biggane says:

      I have never eaten them, even when identified 100%, as they look too close to the Destroying Angel. They are edible but you must be certain of your identification.

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