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Edible Edible
Autumn Autumn
Summer Summer

Very hard to find without a female pig or trained dog.

Mushroom Type
Common Names Summer Truffle (EN), Black Truffle, Cloren Foch (CY), Trufla Letnia (PL), Nyári Szarvasgomba (HU)
Scientific Name Tuber aestivum
Season Start Aug
Season End Nov
Average Mushroom height (CM) 0
Average Cap width (CM) 8
Please note that each and every mushroom you come across may vary in appearance to these photos.

Fruiting Body

Globular, uneven and covered in warts, looking like tree bark. Blackish brown in colour.


Off-white becoming marbled with tan/grey/brown.


Under the ground near beech trees, occasionally with other trees.

Possible Confusion

No other mushroom looks similar or grows under the ground.

Spore Print

Blackish brown to brown. Ovoid.

Taste / Smell

Excellent, nutty but not as intense as the Perigoird truffle, Tuber melanosporum.


Difficult to say as they grow underground hidden from sight.


6 comments for Truffles

  1. Mrs Margaret Jones says:

    Great site. Very helpful. There seem to be more edible fungi than poisonous ones.

  2. Brian Bradnock says:

    How deep are truffles?

    1. Eric Biggane says:

      I’ve only found an inedible Truffle so far and it had just broken the surface. I’m not sure how deep they can be found but I have seen other people collect them and they are not very far below the surface.

  3. Mark W L Scott says:

    What a great site

  4. Judy says:

    I live in an orchard and have a few town of cob nut trees. (Oxfordshire)

    My dog suddenly appeared this afternoon with what looked very much like a truffle. Probably a bit old because is has a very faint smell and no flavour whatsoever.

    Could this really be a truffle?

  5. Judy says:

    … a few ROWS of cob nut trees … (sorry)

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