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Pineapple Weed Tea

VegetarianVeganDairy FreeGluten Free

A lovely fruit tea – with no fruit in it! To make a refreshing cold drink, allow the tea to cool, then chill in the fridge. You can use the cooled tea to make ice lollies, too.

Serves : 1
Prep : 5 minutes
Cook : 5 minutes
  • A small handful of pineapple weed heads per person
  • Sugar or honey to taste


  1. Put the required amount of pineapple weed heads into a teapot. Pour over boiling water and leave to steep for 5 minutes.
  2. Pour the tea into cups or mugs, and add sugar or honey to taste. (Depending on when or where the pineapple weed was picked, you may not need to sweeten the tea at all.)


Recipe by Wild Food UK; photography by Otherwise for Wild Food UK


15 comments for Pineapple Weed Tea

  1. Persey says:

    This tea gets 5 out of 5 from me!
    As the first person to rate it on here my impatience with a slow unresponsive phone is to blame for the initial 3 out of 5 rating, given in error. 🙁
    I feel sure future fruity flavoured tea enthusiasts will soon bump the overall rating up to level worthy of this delicious drink!

  2. mel says:

    Can you dry the pineapple flower heads to make them last longer

    1. Eric Biggane says:

      You can dry the flower heads but they do lose some of the flavour.

      1. Jane marren says:

        How do you know how much to use and do you use the stalks or strip the leaves to use with the heads when dried do you need more than when fresh? I’ve picked quite a lot today and there is still plenty left at site but I’ve not used it before so need help please this xxx

        1. Eric Biggane says:

          I use one good handful of the flower heads per cup, add boiling water and steep for 5-7 mins. The leaves and stalks are not harmful but don’t really add any flavour. I’ve never used them dry, only fresh so I’m not sure about amounts or flavour.

  3. Jennie says:

    We dried the pineapple heads and there was plenty of flavour. Very strong in fact. We put the dried powder into little tea bags and tied them with cotton with a label at the end – worked perfectly.

  4. Brian Thompson says:

    I live in Lancashire UK Can you please tell me where I can buy Pineapple Weed

    1. Poppy Ives says:

      I haven’t seen any for sale except for on e-bay but it should be found around field entrances and compact soil in Lancashire.

    2. Court says:

      You’ll see it growing wild all over the place now you know what to look for.

  5. Pariis says:

    Seen these all over enfield- North London whilst walking my dog. Can not wait! To try this

    1. Michelle says:

      I see this all over Enfield Nova Scotia while walking my dog and I also can’t wait to try this!

  6. Carly says:

    Dog walk done, two bags full of weeds….watch this space!

  7. Cameron says:

    From my hunts for pineapple weed I’ve found it growing where other plants aren’t growing and typically either along sand or gravel. I’m guessing because it can easily be choked out by other plants. I was lucky to find an abundant source near by growing along a gravel trail. I may actually transplant some from the wild and just attempt to grow my own so I don’t have to keep hunting for it. I suggest looking anywhere there’s a gravel foot path, or if you have artificial lake beaches, try looking where the sand meets the grass.

  8. Kev says:

    Not my favourite. I prefer field chamomile tea at this time of year. But tastes nice in summer.

  9. sumil solilo says:

    found these plants and i wondered if they were edible or could be made into tea because of the wonderful smell. this is one of the best teas i’ve had and what i do is soak them in water for ten minutes light a fire put it on the grill and put a lid over it . so that when it cooks the liquid is on the lid because of the evaporation. and sure it takes longer but it has a very rich taste

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