Rosehips on a kitchen Table

Rosehips on a Kitchen Table. Seasonal Recipes For Foragers And Foodies

This informative little book is more than just a collection of recipes. The first section covers one of my favourite topics, foraged food. This is not a guide to foraging but has some wonderful classic and novel ideas of what to do with the seasonal wild food you can readily find throughout the UK. The book then turns to what to do with some of the fruit and veg you can easily grow yourself in your garden and goes on to great ideas to deal with ‘Gluts’ of fruit and veg that you inevitably find yourself with when you grow your own. The final part of the book,’What On Earth Do I Do With This’, covers rarely used ingredients and gives them a sumptuous new twist.

Informatively written with some beautiful photography, Rosehips on a Kitchen Table will inspire you to make use of the natural and cultivated resourses around you and help enhance your diet and delight the pallette.

Rosehips on a Kitchen Table by Carolyn Caldicott,
Photographs by Chris Caldicott
Published by Francis Lincoln
Reviewed by Eric Biggane

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