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White Campion

White Campion is mildly toxic as it contains saponins so is best used as a soap substitute. It is quite a common plant that often grows with and can hybridize...

Silver Birch

The Birch is a pioneer species and was one of the first trees to colonise Great Britain after the last ice age but short lived so it helps form woodland...


Pink flowered Sorrels are relatives of our native Wood-sorrel that pack the same refreshing sour taste. They’re native from South America but naturalised after being widely introduced as garden plants....

Scurvy Grass

A coastal plant that has made it inland due to salting and gritting of the roads. There are two common species, Common Scurvy Grass and Danish Scurvy Grass.

Rosebay Willowherb

An easy to identify plant usually found in large numbers with many flowers to make a salad pretty.

Crow Garlic

Crow Garlic is another native plant of the onion family. It looks very similar to Chives and it is used in similar manner.

Himalayan Balsam

This non native plant, introduced by the Victorians, is quickly becoming more common due to its seed dispersal and as it can grow from seed to two and a half...

Hemlock Water Dropwort

The most poisonous plant in the UK and very common along most of our waterways.

Few-Flowered Garlic

An invasive wild onion from Asia, this plant produces small garlic like bulbils at the base of the short, thin, flower stem.

Hedge Garlic

The plant contains a natural antifreeze so the over wintering rosette can be found and eaten even in the depths of winter.