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Water Mint

A sweet tasting and large common mint found near or in water or sometimes damp woodland. Water mint hybridises easily with other mints and a cross of water mint and...

Pink Purslane

A succulent and tasty plant with an almost beetroot like earthy flavour that can be found throughout the year, it flowers from April to July....

Few-Flowered Garlic

An invasive wild onion from Asia, this plant produces small garlic like bulbils at the base of the short, thin, flower stem....


A beautiful but deadly poisonous common plant that can poison by touch but this does not seem to cause fatal toxicity.


There are a few species of foxglove and these poisonous plants can be hard to identify until the flowers appear.

Scurvy Grass

A coastal plant that has made it inland due to salting and gritting of the roads. There are two common species, Common Scurvy Grass and Danish Scurvy Grass....


This member of the Gooseberry family does grow wild in the UK but they don’t produce as many and as large fruits as the garden and allotment hybrids which have...

Three-Cornered Leek

An invasive species brought over to the UK from the Mediterranean, it is an offence under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act in England and Wales to plant...

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed was brought to the UK by Victorian botanists due to its impressive large flowers and general size, DEFRA would now like to get rid of it.


Cowslips are now a common sight growing in large numbers in grassland.