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A beautiful but deadly poisonous common plant that can poison by touch but this does not seem to cause fatal toxicity.


This deadly poisonous plant from the Nightshade family is usually only found in gardens and flower beds but you can come across it as an escapee in the wild as...


This evergreen member of the Ericaceae or Heather family has edible berries that can be found from summer and can last well into winter or even spring and stay edible....


Useful as a food in the past and just as good today as it can be found year round.


Although slightly bitter this cress can be found from December on and was probably important as a fresh green herb to early man in the winter months.


Cowslips are now a common sight growing in large numbers in grassland.


This delicate blue wild flower is called the Scottish bluebell but can be found around most of the UK in summer....