Foraging Courses

Trip Dates
Gift Vouchers 01-11-2013 to 31-12-2019 More Details
Hampshire, South Downs Foraging Courses 01-03-2018 to 17-08-2018 More Details
Cardiff, Wales Foraging Courses 18-03-2018 to 28-07-2018 More Details
Worcestershire, Near Pershore Foraging Courses 23-03-2018 to 10-08-2018 More Details
Surrey, Banstead Foraging Courses 24-03-2018 to 18-08-2018 More Details
Herefordshire, The Weir Garden Foraging Courses 25-03-2018 to 29-07-2018 More Details
Surrey, Warlingham Foraging Courses 25-03-2018 to 25-08-2018 More Details
Cheshire, Marbury Country Park Foraging Courses 30-03-2018 to 04-08-2018 More Details
Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon Foraging Courses 31-03-2018 to 25-08-2018 More Details
Burford House, Tenbury, Ludlow Foraging Courses 01-04-2018 to 10-08-2018 More Details
Herefordshire, Ledbury, Eastnor Castle Foraging Courses 07-04-2018 to 04-08-2018 More Details
Warwickshire, Leamington Spa Foraging Courses 14-04-2018 to 03-08-2018 More Details
Oxfordshire, Blenheim Palace Foraging Courses 15-04-2018 to 15-07-2018 More Details
West Sussex, Crawley, Tilgate Park Foraging Courses 21-04-2018 to 24-08-2018 More Details
Devon, Dartmoor Summer Foraging Courses 15-06-2018 to 18-08-2018 More Details
Surrey, Guildford, Summer Foraging Courses 23-06-2018 to 28-07-2018 More Details
Herefordshire, Ross-on-Wye Foraging Courses 30-06-2018 to 27-07-2018 More Details
Gloucestershire, Cirencester Summer Foraging Courses 22-07-2018 to 11-08-2018 More Details
Glamis Castle, Angus Summer Foraging Courses 17-08-2018 to 18-08-2018 More Details
Edinburgh, Penicuik Summer Foraging Courses 24-08-2018 to 26-08-2018 More Details
Cardiff, Wales Autumn Foraging Courses 31-08-2018 to 14-10-2018 More Details
Gloucestershire, Cirencester Autumn Foraging Courses 08-09-2018 to 12-10-2018 More Details
Surrey, Banstead Autumn Foraging Courses 08-09-2018 to 03-11-2018 More Details
Shropshire, Ludlow, Mortimer Forest Autumn Foraging Courses 09-09-2018 to 02-11-2018 More Details
Cheshire, Marbury Country Park Autumn Foraging Courses 09-09-2018 to 14-10-2018 More Details
Derbyshire, Peak District Autumn Foraging Courses 14-09-2018 to 16-09-2018 More Details
Surrey, Warlingham Autumn Foraging Courses 14-09-2018 to 27-10-2018 More Details
New Forest, Hampshire Autumn Foraging Courses 14-09-2018 to 21-10-2018 More Details
West Sussex, Crawley, Tilgate Park Autumn Foraging Courses 15-09-2018 to 04-11-2018 More Details
Hampshire, South Downs Autumn Foraging Courses 16-09-2018 to 28-10-2018 More Details

We love wild food and we go foraging all year round but it georgeis a seasonal affair. In Spring there are plenty of hedgerow and coastal shoots around and a few special Fungi like Morels and St Georges Mushrooms. In Summer there are plenty of mature plants flowers and berries, with a slightly wider variety of Fungi. If you really want the best time of year for fungi, Autumn is when there is the greatest variety of species fruiting.

If you want a better understanding of the natural world around you, why not try a forage. On one of our courses you won’t just find food; you may catch a glimpse of a deer, hear a woodpecker, see a stoat or an owl or even find hidden waterfalls and signs of ancient life. A walk outside in the beautiful British countryside is one of the best experiences you can have.

Try out one of our listed courses above, or we can tailor trips to suit you. If you let us know what you are looking for we can choose the destination or we can come to you and help you explore what’s local to you.

Generally our trips work best with groups of up to 10 people though we can accommodate more. Kids are more than welcome but dogs might be more difficult depending on what you want to do.

Private Forays can be arranged over the phone for any date (excluding the pre-arranged dates above).

Things to Bring

Check the weather and dress appropriately; rain or wind will not stop us:
Decent walking boots (if you have them), if not an old pair of trainers will suffice;
A small pocket knife;
A small soft brush (for cleaning mushrooms);
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