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Dawn Assefa
Thank you Marlow and Eric for your warm welcome on yesterday's foraging day, my daughter and I had a wonderful time, your tutorial on edible wildlife and safety tips has left us confident that we can enjoy picking a veritable feast on our walks in local woodland and parks for now on, we look forward to coming on another course.

Tim Edwards
Hi Guys, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us on yesterdays forage at Ashton under hill, I realy enjoyed the experience, and the treats on the way round and the excellent foragers lunch at the end. Looking foward to receiving the notes. I learned so much in such a short period it was quite a surprise how much you can gain from real experts in a short period. Please sign me up for your emails.
kind regards Tim

Laura Girling
Dear Eric and Marlow
Last Friday's Forage in Banstead was a joy!
Thank you for hot soup in the pouring rain and the marvels that we could discover.
Our lunch was fantastic (so what if I had three helpings!!) Many thanks for the information and recipe email.
Until the next time

Fran Godwin
Thanks for a great time at Horsell Common today. The soup, elderflower champagne, pate and mushroom pasta were all delicious. Eric- thanks for the experience ☺

Terry Bailey
Hi guys
Just want to say big thank you to you both for a really interesting course and afternoon on Friday.
The champagne the soup and the food back at the pub were truly amazing and you have begun
to open my eyes to natures larder. Hope to see you again before too long this time hopefully with my
wife as well if she can organise the time off.
Many thanks

James Taylor
Thanks to both Marlow and Eric for a great day foraging in Cardiff, both my daughter Aimee and myself enjoyed and learned loads, we hope to attend the next course later in the year.

Mairi, Gwennan and Meirion
What a fabulous experience on Saturday in Bute Park, Cardiff! Who would have thought there was so much to learn about food foraging in Cardiff city centre? Gwennan and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the day and haven't stopped talking about it since - especially the yummy food that you provided en route. You guys were so interesting and full of useful information - obviously very good teachers. Even Meirion, who was just 'tagging' along with his camera, had a great time. Thank you also for allowing him to film me doing my 'adventure'. We're looking forward to seeing how the video turns out.Thank you both so much. We will definitely be recommending your courses and hope to attend again

Chris & Steve Hiller
Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for the info, the forage in Lustleigh was a great experience the mushroom soup tasted so intense we are still talking about it, we are recommending the experience to all family and friends,
thanks again

Anya Thomas
Hi Marlow,
Myself and my kids (Walter and Luckshi) went on an amazing mushroom foraging walk with you in the New Forest last October.
The kids learnt so much and are really into mushrooms and thinking about food in a different way now, so I just wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU.
It was a really lovely and amazing day.
Walter made the attached book after the trip.
He hopes you like it!
Thanks again.

Trish Ramsden
Hi Eric, Marlow and Alfie,
Just wanted to say a massive thanks for today, really enjoyed it.  Am definitely going to book another course with you and will also definitely be booking the Cardiff mushroom one.
Thanks again, in spite of the weather it was a really enjoyable experience.  The King Alfred Cakes I gathered are drying in the airing cupboard ready for me to practise my firelighting skills and the Wood Ears are also drying to powder for a mushroom sauce!
Trish x

The Ritchie Family
Hi Marlow
Thanks for this which ices a very special cake.  The whole family had a great day, learnt a lot and enjoyed your food, wisdom and excellent manner with adults and kids alike.
I am grazing the Hawthorn with gusto and your sorrelled version of wild garlic pesto is going down a storm.
Hope to see you again soon.
Best wishes

Marlow, Eric,
Thank you again for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational day on Sunday,.
By far, your day was the best I have experienced although the mushrooms were scarce, I went the following day in Langley woods near Landford on the edge of the New Forest and found large numbers of Chanterelles, Hedgehog, Birch Polypores etc, my expereice and knowledge is growing so picking with far more confidence now
The food and drink you chaps produced were excellent, hope you have mail order or someone representing WildfoodUK in the local markets.

Dear marlow and eric,
That was just the most wonderful trip for me today. I was running-in-the-head to remember it all. Child's play for you. But for me....it was just brilliant. 
Thank you for your generocity. The soup and pasta : everything.
I am gonna try to learn what I can from you, as often as I'm able.
All very best.
Thank you Marlow
It was a lovely day - great to learn so much. Cooked the mushrooms with olive oil in the oven and had them with the wild salad for a starter.
I'm going to print all the links and go walking with my dad this weekend in and around Shrewsbury. I'm going to book more courses - great presents.
Thank you!

Stephen Pereira
The course was excellent even if there were very few mushrooms. I found loads a boletes a few day ago so it totally made up for it and my kids have been loving drawing on artists mushrooms so that worked out. 

The videos are really very good I have been watching them for a while and are the reason I signed up for the course and felt confident enough to drag my dad along, that and that it would be run by a fellow Palace fan. Just wanted to pass on the effectiveness of the videos, keep up the good work!  I am also looking forward to getting some forgaging alerts which I have not had any yet, even if you put them on some kind of auto sender they would be much appreciated.  Once again thanks for the videos andI will recommend the course to anyone who happens to mention an interest in forgaging.

Wendy Stokoe
Hi Eric,
Thank you so much, Sam and I had a brilliant day and really enjoyed your narrative. The forage was great fun, and was certainly helped by the amazing weather.  We are planning to book another day in the Autumn and will bring another young friend with us.
You are a wealth of knowledge, and we really enjoyed our lunch.
Big up to your enterprise.
Warmest Regards

Simon Keenlyside
Dear eric and marlow,
Thank you so much for your marvellous tuition.i  hope you both have wonderful winter, full of mischief and inquisition.
I was in a good place to take it all in I know,but at a difficult time for me you have both nourished me more than I need tell you. Much of it is my background and the marrow of my life anyway...but I can't tell you how much I got out of your expertise.The little details you dropped here and there,which were only the tip of your knowledge iceberg.thanks.
I hope I can join you on a variety of your forages next year.
Until then,
Be well and good luck to you both.

John Denton
Hi Marlow and Eric

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the foraging course last week at Ashton-under-Hill. I must admit my grandson Alex enjoyed it as much as I did and thank you for including him in so well.

PS From a financial point of view, I think that you could charge a little more for each course.

Ben Dawlatly

Alba and I were on the forage on the 28th. I went out the next day and picked some field blewits.
Just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing day and for sharing your passion and knowledge.

Alex Stevenson

Hi Guys, just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant afternoon foraging on Friday. Rachel and I really enjoyed it. We've definitly got the foraging bug now and hope to come back for another session in the summer.
Best wishes,

Mike Fell
Had a great time at the session today -- thanks again! If you could sign me up to your mailing list that would be great. Hope to see you again in autumn.
Cheers, Mike

Michael Ackerman
Thank you for a delicious, well-organised and inspirational introduction to foraging.  My £2.50 blewitts which I ate on Saturday evening were all the more tasty with the thought that I'll never be buying them again.
Best wishes

Gavin Dunbar

Many thanks to Marlow and friends for a wonderful Spring Foraging course at Lustleigh, Devon on the 1st of May.

Dave Whitmore

Thanks for a great day in Little Hereford on the 18th. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lovely location, great walk with really useful information and some surprising flavours. Hope to see you later in the year for another forage.
All the best

Jan and John

Thanks for a great day on saturday my husband really enjoyed it, will see u
on a course next year.

Peter Falconer

I was on your course in Woking today and had a tremendous time. Not only did I learn lots, but your enthusiasm was incredibly infectious and I'm already excited about my next trip! Great day- thank you both!

Nikita Devoy
Thank you for a great course today, and sharing your passion for what you do. It's improved our confidence no end. And he didn't take much convincing to explore fungi foraging next.....many thanks.

Matt Reynolds
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but just wanted to say a big thanks for the day in Banstead.
Really enjoyed it, and learnt so much. You shared so much knowledge, in an engaging and interactive way. Would recommend the course to anyone interested in the natural world; and finding the tasty bits !

Cez Wrenn
I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent couple of hours this afternoon, thoroughly enjoyable and very lucky to find so many
mushrooms this time of year.
I would very much appreciate as much info as possible for our walk today and any further advice and guidance you are willing to part with.
Great day and a lovely meal to finish, thank you.

Dave Meldrum

Hello Marlow,
Both myself and my wife would like to thank you for the foraging course which we thought was perfect for beginners and gave us a taste of what could be a great pastime.

Jo Smyth
Hi thanks for a fabulous course today. I learnt so much and I am amazed at the plant knowledge you guys have. I will never look at a hedgerow in the same way again :). We were so blessed with the weather too. xx

Keith Parris
Hi Marlow and Eric,
I would like to express my thanks to you both for your excellent 3 hour course in the New Forest on Sunday 12th April, with my son Ben. I was well impressed with your knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism you both showed on the day, to such an extent that I have even brought two small books on this topic and have even warmed to the idea of eating wild garlic! I have received your link, via Ben of the items you found, this is an excellent idea, as it reinforces the day and acts a reference point at a later date. I thing there is a chance we could be seeing you again in the autumn. Keep up the good work. Keith

Elliot Stroud
Hi wild foods.
Had a great time with Eric in mortimer woods today. Easy to remember rules
on what to do. can't wait to take family out foraging.
Cheers for the experience and food at the end.  will be recommending this
course to friends.
Thanx Elliot Stroud

Sarah Guignard
Dear Marlow and Eric
Just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for such a great day yesterday.
It was great fun and so educational, can’t believe there is so much to learn!!
Hope that I can organise something for our staff in the future.
Wishing you continued success and a good season ahead.
With kind regards. Sarah.

Jonathan Hart
Thank you for the course today. Very enjoyable and educational. And the
mushrooms were delicious.

Glenn Lowe
Great day today, thanks Marlow & Eric :)

Simon Makin

Thanks Marlow for a wonderful course in Edinburgh.  Your course gave me the confidence to go and try foraging out for real rather than just in my head.  I gathered three very similar white umbrella style plants all within the same 3 metre patch of ground.  What a delight it was when after lots of cross referencing (to be 100%) I ID’d the Hogweed, the taste of Cardamom from the seeds was a turning point giving me the confidence to ID the other two.  One being a Wild Carrot or Queen Annes Lace and the other the deadly Hemlock.  Frightening that they all grow around each other with similar looks but as I say if it wasn’t for your expert tuition and guidance I would be stuck at just looking and full of doubt.  Your course is incredible value for money which makes it accessible to all, well done and keep up the good work!

Liz Brewer
Ken & I really enjoyed the course today - definitely one of the best presents we've had. We hope to make it to an autumn forage and thanks for a brilliant day - Alfie was the icing on the cake!

Cheskie Baker
We had such a fantastic day learning about the mushrooms and plants that grew near us - we are eating our giant puff ball tonight! Thank you x

Jenny Long
Thanks for a great day guys. We really enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to find out what's around in Autumn xx

Jo Stevens
Hi Marlow/Eric
Thanks for a great day out, Alison had a wonderful time and made fun making soup with all the plants that she collected.
Have a safe journey back to Ludlow.

Nici Richter
Thank you for this wonderful website! Inspiring!

Tanya Pemberton

Benjy and I really enjoyed the walk.  It's amazing that if I put anything green on his plate he usually pokes it suspiciously before declaring he won't eat it, but when we went round on the walk he was keen to eat everything you showed him!  If I want him to eat salad I obviously have to go foraging with him beforehand...  
Thank you!

Dean Powell

just like to say thanks to Marlow and Eric for great and informative day foraging in Bute park Cardiff yesterday.

Lisa Pearlanta

Much gratitude to Eric and Marlow for an informative and well put together Autumnal course in the fabulous grounds of Cardiff Castle today Oct 26. A lovely group too! I learnt so many things in one afternoon thanks to your expertise. I will never forget sipping wild mushroom soup and Elderflower Champagne in the rain under the trees. Was a fabulous touch to a delightful afternoon. I will be back for the Spring course for certain. I cannot thank you enough. I am totally hooked for sure. To anyone else that is curious, you will love this, and they might just have a course near you soon!

Cara Roberts

My Dad and I throughly enjoyed Sundays course!! See you on the Spring Walk x

Rufus McDufus (Facebook Name!)

thank you so much for my birthday elderflower champers and a fab day out!!!

Cara Cooper

Dear Marlow and Eric Just to say thank you for such a wonderful mushroom forage yesterday and at Polesden Lacey. This is something that has always been on my list of things to do in life. I had such a super time, met some lovely people, discovered a pub I'd never visited, picked a huge bag of honey fungus and marvelled over the beauty of the purple/amethyst deceiver mushrooms. All are now drying in the fan oven, or fried in butter waiting to be made into soup. A thoroughly enjoyable day and worth every penny. You guys are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Good luck with all your endeavours and hope to see you back in the Croydon area for more foraging in the spring.

Ana Vidal-Guardia

Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic day of discovering and good company. You both are a bundle of knowledge. Hope to repeat the experience sometime in the future.

Lindsey Marie Wyatt
Hello Marlow and Eric, thanks for taking us foraging last Sunday! We all had a brilliant time and I'm hooked! Only problem is I keep bumping into things as too busy staring at the ground;] Made my stock with the dried out 'ears' and cooked the mushrooms you guys didn't like with turmeric and butter, lovely! Hope you have a grand b'day Marlow, look forward to doing it again. Many thanks, Lindsey, Nicky, Janene, Carolyn, Christopher and Callum!

Antony Sargerson
Brilliant, delighted to have found this site......found my first edible mushrooms tonight,,.,.,.,.thanks

David Weston
Had a great afternoon yesterday in Bute Park.

Jean Thomas
Dear Marlow and Eric
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for today.  We didn't manage to catch you before you disappeared from the pub (I think we were a little concerned about finding a table so we could eat) Despite the bad weather at the end you managed to impart so much knowledge and enthusiaum for mushrooms.  I feel quite confident what not to try (probably most) and reasonably happy to try just a few (very obvious ones) of what is out there for free.  I am definitely going to go looking in our local forest and test out what we can find nearer to home.
All the best to you both

Andrew Ledger

Dear Marlow & Eric
Thanks guys for a really insightful afternoon. We've just fried up our bag - delicious!!

Anne Thalheim
Thank you for your website.  My husband brought back a couple of white mushrooms, like agaric, from in front of his studio.  He wanted it for lunch.  Before he came back I looked up how to identify mushrooms and saw on your website that it was a yellow stainer, especially at the base, smelling of indian ink.  I am so glad that he found it on a day I was at home before lunch!!!!!!

Kate Mankiewitz
Hi chaps,
Thank you for a great foraging walk on Saturday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed it and went on on Sunday to a wood we know and found loads more fungi some of which I have attached to show you plus some in our own garden!
Hoping to book one of your October courses so see you soon,

Wendy Reid

I found some shrooms growing in my garden and thought of them to be a nice tasty treat, low and behold after using your website i found them to be poisonous and can be deadly if eaten! Luckily i did not use them before checking. Thank you for probably saving 2 lives, at least!! They were the brown roll rim. Thanks again.

Kev Hannigan

Thank you ever so much Eric and your advice has been brilliant.
The Hen of the Wood has been harvested, as it was close to a dirt track and there was a fear it would be kicked over or destroyed. We shall enjoy this magnificent specimen.

Dear Wildfooduk
I feel i must thank you for the comprehensive descriptions of the edible mushrooms.  I found some beautiful mushrooms under my sisters cherry tree.  Not sure if they were safe to eat i found them on your site. The Blushing Wood Mushroom was the one, initially when i scratched the stem it turned a yellow colour, so after further internet searching i changed my mind and decided it was "The Prince" mushroom, however, today i made a chicken, mushroom and coconut milk soup with them and after i brushed them and cut them they turned red exactly as your description of The Blushing Wood Mushroom suggested.
They had a strong taste of almonds and complemented my meal perfectly
Thank you again

Karen Birch

Dear Marlow
Many thanks for coming over to us, and for being so knowledgeable and informative.  We had a lovely afternoon, enjoyed our nettle crisps on the BBQ and we had the mushrooms for breakfast this morning. We will be eating stuffed puffball tonight, if I remember I will send a photo. We will also make sure we eat as many Himalayan Balsam seeds as we can from now on, letting them spread in our tummies rather than along the river bank!
With best wishes

Cara Scott

Dear Marlow and Eric. Really enjoyed yesterday's forage and thrilled to find the little amethyst deceivers and honey fungus. Am having a go at drying them in the oven on the fan setting. Look forward to hearing when you are next in Surrey and joining some more of your foraging days, all great fun and very educational. At some point it would be lovely if you did forages in Hampshire near where my sister lives. There is a load of farmland and woodland near there which is accessible - and some super pubs! Take care and keep up the good work.

Mary Scarboro
Fantastic website, thank you

Missy Blackford
Hi Marlow
Hope all is going well with you and you have managed to get a fire going in the watermill!
Btw i loved the mushroom foraging course that you did not so long ago in November. I have still managed to retain a lot of what you and Eric said. Really good day out... Thank you

Alistair Shervington
Hi guys,

I'm just checking in to thank you for the foraging course I attended in October 2013.
It was a brill day!
I really liked the informal yet informative way the day was laid out.
You both made it very easy to follow and didn't complicate anything.
By covering fungi groups; things to look for and of course what to be careful of.
Also pointing out other meidicinal propaties of things whilst out and about.
The wild mushroom soup was lush too!

With plenty of walking, fresh air, locating fungi, talking about them, pointing out charactoristics to look for, sampling things.
All made the day a really good value for money too.

Jim Taylor
Hi Guys
Great course today, love to hear if you do more events in Devon.  In particular something in the Autumn with more Mushrooms.

Fran Hale
Thank you so much Eric and Marlow for a great afternoon foraging in Exeter.  We learned so much and enjoyed tasting the different flowers and leaves we found.  Most educational and also good fun.  And the soup was delicious!  Thanks again, see you on another one :)

Dan Farrow

Thanks for a great forage in Warlingham last Friday...

Debbie Hutchings

Thanks for a great foraging walk in Warlingham this Sunday. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been dog walking elsewhere this morning and found loads of Wood Sorrel, Vetch and Hogweed so going back tomorrow with a bag!

Anne Foster

Thanks for a fascinating walk in Warlingham on Saturday, we learned a lot! Had the St George's mushrooms for breakfast, lovely! Looking forward to another trip soon. Cheers Anne and Gary.

Dave White

Huge thanks to Eric and Marlow for this afternoons foraging course down near Ludlow today. Learnt loads and even managed to find the majority of species this evening when I took the dog for a walk - amazing what is actually out there when you know what to look for. The Hogweed and wild garlic soup and the pesto you made later was brilliant. We even managed to save that lamb from the river so a great day all round !